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The Agent

The Agent - J Hartshorne Back in November, I got a coupon code to "purchase" The Agent by J Hartshorne on Smashwords for free.

Today, when I went to read it, I checked the book out on Goodreads and found that it wasn't listed in any series. It was only a few pages in when I realised that this must be some sort of continuation to a prior series. It begins with characters that are not described, scenarios that are not explained and some long back story to the events which is only referred to, but not discussed.

Even though I know nothing of the series prior to this, I don't think I would want to read it. This book was written pretty badly. The main character takes ages explaining meaningless portions of her day to us, taking a long time to describe things which have no bearing on the plot. I admit, I do like scenes in books to be described, but I also like them to have some relevance. The main character in The Agent takes a long time explaining her love for seafood, whining about tourists and complaining about having to do the job at hand. As some sort of protagonist, she's pretty self-obsessed and annoying. She is completely unlikeable. The overall plot is quite limited. This character, who isn't even properly introduced, takes a trip as some sort of secret agent to go and find out secrets in South America. It doesn't have a proper plot, save for her love for seafood and spending the government's money. It doesn't have any real ending.

By the end of it, I just feel like the story is completely ridiculous. It's a poor attempt at a spy novel, with the main character intended to be some sexy female who uses the dance moves she found in a strip club to free secrets from foreign spies. Yet, the end product is a mess of meaningless descriptions about irrelevant things, no real beginning, little plot and no real ending. It's definitely a disappointment.