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Loving Two Dragons 1

Loving Two Dragons 1 - James D. Horton I'll begin by explaining a bit about the book. Loving Two Dragons (Part 1) by James D Horton is the first in a series about dragon shifters. Jennifer Aguillon, who has come to a company for a final job interview, is intrigued by her potential boss. Afterward, odd things start to happen; she sees a few strange things and then some woman try to harm her in her own apartment. What's going on and how is the job interview at Crimson-Gold Industries related to it?

Jennifer Aguillon is an interesting character. With her initial meeting with Mr. Ddraig in the beginning of the book, I felt that her answers seemed a little forced, but I can understand it in a way because she likely would have come up with answers to such things beforehand (a lot of people practice what to say in job interviews). However, I think the majority of her character is somewhat sincere. I feel like the emotions she goes through within the book are understandable and I appreciate that she's a somewhat humble person. In some cases, I think that her feelings are a little underplayed, but overall I feel like she's a fairly likeable character. Moving on with Archer Ddraig, I also feel like he's very genuine and I can feel empathy for his problems, even without understanding the extent of them. I liked his role in the book and I very much appreciated his narration, though I feel some of these portions are a little lacking with details. However, I trust that the author will supply us with them in future. As for the other characters, I liked them and felt that they all had some important role to play. Logan seems like an interesting portion to the love triangle aspect and I thought he was written pretty well; I can feel how charismatic he is through the words. He's certainly very charming and I look forward to reading more scenes with him in future. I liked Elise as well and I enjoyed that she had a good part to play, explaining many aspects of the culture to the reader. I felt like she was a very humble woman as well; she's gentle and very welcoming to Jennifer.

I liked the plot and, although it's a bit coincidental that Jennifer is chosen, I feel like there are a lot of unexplained details which the author will reveal later on. Though I don’t always appreciate the amnesia aspects of some stories, I think Jennifer’s works well so far. I think the supernatural and fantasy aspects have been done well. I really like the addition of the dragons in this book. In some areas, I think it appears a little strange. However, overall, I think the author has fit them in well. In some aspects, it's kind of a bit too quick; I feel like some scenes would work a little better if they were spread out a bit further. For example, when Jennifer leaves the building in the beginning the book and comes across the battle and also when she and Logan are in Antarctica. Also, I think the same about the engagement; it happened very quickly and seemed kind of ridiculous considering she's only known the guy a day or so. In the same way, because they're so quick, it makes those portions seem absurd. For those bits, I really like them, but I just wish there were more details to introduce us to this new culture and the new people we're meeting.

Overall, I think the characters are all very sincere and natural. The author introduces them very well and they're all somewhat upbeat. The plot is interesting has done well introducing the plot and various mysteries, leading us into what I hope will be a really good series. Before this, I had only read one other of the author's work. I didn't like that one. However, I think this is a vast improvement and I'm quite happy that I got to read this. I'm really looking forward into reading more of this series.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.