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Loving Two Dragons 4

Loving Two Dragons 4 - James D. Horton This is the fourth, and final, book of the Loving Two Dragons series by James D Horton. Following soon after the first three parts, we're led into the new world of the Gold Kingdom where Archer has recently been dethroned. Jennifer is doing her best to aid her people, meanwhile her husband Archer and his second in command Logan are doing their best to regain control of their clan.

I felt like this book kind of lacked some of the character elements that made the prior volumes work so well. For example, we receive little mention of Elise; I don't remember her even being mentioned until the eleventh chapter. She receives a greater role after that, but it still felt like she was forgotten about. Remy played a much greater role in this portion, but his character was pretty much the exact same as he has been in the prior portions and his addition to this book didn't really give him much development. I did like the arguing and fighting between Archer and Logan; their jealousy of each other was interesting and I enjoyed that they both have enough love for Jennifer to voice their opinions to each other. I do still like Jennifer as a character, though, and I appreciate her compassion and patience throughout the series. She's very likeable and has a really hopeful outlook. Archer and Logan have also been fairly strong characters and I think they've served the series well.

I do like how we get a bit more information about the dragon shifting in general and how it all began, as well as more information on the culture. However, I feel like it's not a complete work. There are a lot of things that are rushed through so fast that they don't have a proper explanation. For example, the portions about Jennifer having her own magic and the shifting abilities of the women in their culture; it was presented quickly and they were able to gain this ability fairly fast, without much explanation to the readers about how they managed to find it.
Another thing I felt was rushed was the birth of the child, which skipped soon after finding out about her pregnancy (with a few scenes in between) to eight months later. After the Gold clan has recovered their territory, we don't get any explanation as to how well they accomplished rebuilding any portion of their society if needed (which I reckon it would be).

With the overall series in consideration, I think the author has done well. There have been some interesting characters and situations presented. However, I just don't feel like the series is complete. I still have many questions about it, though. I still don't really understand how Jennifer has this ability to reincarnate every now and then. Also, after so many regenerations, why has she only had two children? Surely there'd be the opening to have had so many more, even with the dying every now and then. Though I did like the story portions with the main evil pair, Marathe and her son Mateas, I still don't feel like we got a complete history on either of them and how they came to be antagonists (we do have a basic understanding, yes, but I feel like there's a lot of the story we're missing there). Forgetting my unanswered questions for a moment, there are portions of character development I don't feel are complete either. Obviously Marathe and Mateas don't have finished storylines, but I feel like Remy, Elise, and Jennifer's storylines also lack a complete feeling.

Overall, I enjoyed the series very much. However, this finale to it feels kind of lackluster in comparison. It's still a good book, but I'm kind of disappointed that everything went by so quickly and not everything got a proper explanation. That's just my opinion, though.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.