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James and the Time Patrol Agency

James and the Time Patrol Agency - E. H. Lau I got this story for free on Smashwords. This is quite an interesting story. It begins with the death of an official at which point, an officer gets himself sent through time. He joins the TPA, an agency which investigates time crimes. I don't want to spoil it, so I won't go further into that.

As a short story, it's actually somewhat intriguing and works quite well without explaining a lot of details. For important things, the author explains things well, even if they're a bit complicated. Things such as time travel are summarised to a point where I think anyone can understand it. A lot of information is implied in some cases where going into detail might take a while, though these cases don't deter from the story.

I actually really like this story. I think it's an interesting plotline. It has some interesting characters and themes. I think it's well worth a read and certainly deserving of five stars, in my opinion.