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Rapture - Myesha D. Jenkins I received a free copy of this via a First Reads giveaway. Despite that, all of my opinion in this review is honest. It may contain spoilers to please be warned.

Rapture is the story of two woman in love, Candace and Adia. Adia Knight, a writer and teacher, is moving to Atlanta with her husband, Judah, who had taken the job in Atlanta without her knowledge. They soon meet Candace Vance and her husband, Nathanial who will soon be Judah's boss. Candace and Adia strike up a friendship, eventually turning it into a loving and sexual relationship.

The beginning is interesting. We're introduced to two very strong woman who each have lives and dreams of their own. Both are very taken with their teaching. Adia even has dreams of writing a novel, though she has a lot of ideas, they don't all surmount to much. Candace is busy writing her dissertation for a PhD. Because of the way the story is written, it jumps back and forth from two specific points. It begins in the present time, with Candace relaying her feeligns to a counselor she is seeing. It then backs up in time so we are introduced to the beginning of the story. From then on, we get relayed bits and pieces from both points in time. It was somewhat interesting to watch their relationship unfold and the various reactions from all of the parties involved.

I did not appreciate the ending. I felt that the relationship between Candace and Adia would have worked well together. It just seemed ultimately useless that both parties went through so much trouble for Candace to end up in relatively the same spot she began in, though with problems in her marriage now. I kind of felt like Paula was a useless character. It just seemed like Adia kept on blaming Paula for her own inhibitions; that her marital problems were because of Paula's attention on not because her lack of control on her sexuality. Then, later on, Judah also sort of blamed Paula for Adia's actions. It just seemed weird that there were two people within that relationship and Paula was the one getting blamed for all of the problems.

I think that the editing needs a bit of work done. A few pages shy of the ending, there are some confusions between names. "Adia (should be Candace) sat with Nathanial in their garden tub." The wrong name continues to be used a few more times on that page. Also, the names were also confused several times earlier in the novel. Apart from that, there are a few other errors, such as missing full stops and other similar things. It's easy enough to understand what's going on despite the problems, but I feel that such things ought to be revised in any future edition.

Overall, I did quite enjoy the book, though several portions were disappointing. I think, to me, it was worth four stars. I think that I would like to read more from the author and I'll certainly give their other work a try.