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Are You Sure You Want to Love God? (You Might Start Using the O Word)

Are You Sure You Want to Love God? (You Might Start Using the O Word) - Tony Yang I won this in a First Reads giveaway. I read this book in less than two hours. However, it's the type of book that affects your life and you'll still be thinking about in days, weeks or even years.

It wasn't the most well written book that I've ever read and I didn't completely understand many references to biblical texts (being that I don't have a definite religion). However, I think that it was quite interesting that the author drew primarily from his own life and experiences to explain his feelings for God. Not only is the reader drawn into thinking about their own philosophical considerations about God, but the reader gets a little bit of insight to the life of Tony Yang and his family.

I think that there are aspects in the book that might be improved if it were expanded. My particular problem is that, as I mentioned briefly above, I don't understand all the biblical references. The author treats the readers as if they already know the passages. The other thing is my biggest question through much of the beginning and middle of the book is, "what is this mystical 'O' word on the cover of the book?" It turned out to be "Obey" / "Obedience", for those who have a desperate desire to know without reading it. Though the book has a definite structure, I kind of think of the book as an essay; it has a lot of references and a debates many points, yet it lacks a proper introduction and conclusion.

Overall, I think it was a pretty interesting read. It presented many thoughtful situations, both based on bible passages and author Tony Yang's own personal life. I think it might not be particularly interesting to everyone, but personally I thought it was pretty good.