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Loving Two Dragons 2

Loving Two Dragons 2 - James D. Horton I'll begin by explaining a bit about the book. Loving Two Dragons (Part 2) by James D Horton is the second in a series about dragon shifters. Jennifer Aguillon, has recently been married to Archer Ddraig, a king of a clan of dragon shifters. Though, things go horribly wrong when she finds out that a member of the clan, Logan has been kidnapped. She does her best to help her husband and the rest of the clan find out what has happened. While this happens, she begins to have déjà vu about various people and places.

Once again, I really like Jennifer; she just seems like a very nice and genuine person. Though I felt like her inclusion in some scenes was definitely unnecessary; she has little training and she herself even mentioned that she has no idea of how to draw/ use a sword. So taking her to Antarctica was just deliberately putting her into danger with little realistic expectation that she would come out of it in good condition, in my opinion. Moving on with that, I also thought it a little weird that she was taken into the initial negotiations, especially considering her little knowledge of the dragon world and politics pertaining to it. However, considering both of those cases, I think she dealt with the situations as best as she could and came out on top. I appreciated that the author used both scenes to increase her courage and essentially gave her a little bit more internal strength. With the other characters, I enjoyed their inclusion again. I enjoy that the author doesn't have too many characters to introduce and the ones they have included do all have some importance to the story. Elise, Jennifer's handmaiden, is again really sweet. I liked that she was really patient and dutiful to Jennifer. With the new characters introduced, I enjoyed the new back-story and was intrigued with the history of them; I felt that it was somewhat unique and I could understand their motivations for their actions.

I really liked the introduction to the various different clans; it really opened up new portions of the world and I appreciated the distinctions that there were all sorts of dragons. I would certainly like to see more into the politics and histories of these various clans. I also enjoyed the continued use of magic; I thought that they were all fitting for the situations. I think that the explanation of Jennifer's memories was interesting. Though, I would have appreciated if people were a little bit more forward with her and told her the whole situation; I can understand her anger with others just because it must be so frustrating not knowing something very important about her life while others do know such things.

Overall, I enjoyed the continuation of the story. I liked all of the characters and feel like the author is building a strong series. I would definitely like to read more of the series in future.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.