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Who Killed Boaz?

Who Killed Boaz? - Scott F. Neve Who Killed Boaz? (Detective Flare Book 1) by Scott F Neve is about Detective Flare. She is put on the case of a dead man who supposedly died of a heart attack. However, she thinks this unlikely. He ate healthy, never did drugs or smoked and he was a marathon runner. Detective Flare interviews many of the people this man has touched over the period of his life and finds that none have anything bad to say about him. That is, until she meets the widow and the dead man's three children.

In my opinion, it's a pretty bad book. Detective Flare has suspicions about Boaz's death and proceeds from there, despite having no real reason to find anyone at fault for his untimely passing. People die from heart attacks all the time, healthy or not. There's no reason to find suspicion in that, from my perspective. She interviews all sorts of people, goes through his finances and work history. I find this difficult to believe that a detective would be allowed so much leeway on a death ruled to be natural causes. It certainly was not murder, in any case. My main thought is that, out of the hundreds of people she must have interview about the man, why were his widow and children so far down the list? She only goes to see them at the very end of the book.

Spoilers are coming up!

Which is where we find who really killed Boaz. After the detective talks to the widow and children, she judges them and deems them to have been unworthy of knowing Boaz. She claims that the widow is spiteful and has raised the children to be even worse. However, Boaz had some part in raising the three children as well, so he would likely be at fault for this too. Detective Flare damns the woman, claiming that the widow killed Boaz with her lack of love for him, not appreciating his money and (strangely damning her further because) she didn't have sex with him once their third child had been born.

Though it was a good idea in theory, the book was not written very well. It is fairly judgmental against the widow and children. Detective Flare, having interviewed all sorts of people in the investigation finds nothing wrong with anyone's word, however faults the people who would have known him best. She considers that the people are liars when she has no evidence denying their claims and faults the widow for the man's death. I find it ridiculous for Detective Flare to lay blame on the widow being that it was a heart attack. It can happen to anyone and Detective Flare just seems downright nasty to fault someone who might be in mourning.

Overall, the book was terrible. It sort of has a moral that you ought to appreciate what you have, though it seems as if the author is spiteful against people just because their family member(s) have died. It's not worth reading, trust me.