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Pretty Pink Planet

Pretty Pink Planet - Joy Smith Pretty Pink Planet is a short story by Joy Smith which tells the story of Lori who has come to a planet, with the attention of finding out the real story of something that had happened to the race of Webbies, two of whom she has found in a hotel. she represents SOESFOL, an organisation who Search Out and Establish Sentient Forms of Life.

It was an interesting book, though the plot was a little generic and preachy; humans have caused the destruction of something and the plot is to fix what has happened. Forgetting that, I think that it just doesn't work as well as it could. The story is just far too short and we have very little explanation as to what is going on, save for a little bit of lackluster narration telling only a portion of the events. For example, in the beginning, it's kind of confusing because we know the main character is searching for something or someone, but the narration doesn't explain who we're searching for. Even once we've found the Webbies, I just feel like the explanation to the events that have ruined there planet haven't been properly explained.

I think that the story could work well, but it would need to be much longer; the events and characters need to be explained further. However, I did like it overall; the author has presented some reasonably interesting situations and a few interesting characters.