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Brimstone and Marmalade: A Tor.Com Original

Brimstone and Marmalade: A Tor.Com Original - Aaron Corwin This is perhaps the sweetest story I've ever read. Most children have puppies and cats. Mathilde wants a pony. Becky Hamilton gets to ride ponies on the weekends, but Mathilde's parents don't want that for her. She doesn't like demons, but her Nana gets her one for her birthday anyway. Ix’thor is the demon's name, a Dark Lord born without horns.

I liked the characters (all except for Becky) and I especially liked Ix'thor the demon! The interchanges between him and Mathilde were sweet and heartwarming, especially the crooked advice he tried to give her. "Mom says I can't have limitless power until I'm older."

I think perhaps the only thing wrong with the story is that it isn't longer. I would very much like to read more about these demons and the world the author creates. Mr. Corwin does little to manipulate the reader's view of the world. So it can be whatever country/ city the reader imagines, at just about any period in time. I think that because of this, the piece could very well become timeless and still readable twenty or even a hundred years into the future.

It was excellent and well worth a five star rating.