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Runaway Smile

Runaway Smile - Nicholas C. Rossis, Dimitris Foussekis I found Runaway Smile by Nicholas C. Rossis available online at the author's website. It's about a young boy who wakes up one morning and senses that something is different. It turns out that his smile is gone! As he gets ready for school, he searches. Yet, he cannot find it! On the way to school, he talks to the various people he meets and none of them are able to help him. You'd think that his teacher would be able to give some advice on the matter, but no, she can't solve his problem either. When he gets home, his mother gives him the solution and everything is alright.

Runaway smile features a strange little world, filled entirely of whimsical situations. Yet, it's centered around things that could happen to any sort of child; a boy who has lost his smile and turns to the people around him for help. All of the characters are very unique and have some sort of loveable aspect about them. My favourite is his encounter with the King ("He wants the King's head!"). The illustrations certainly enhance the book in epic proportions. Many of the characters are adorable and the scenes depicted certainly provide amusement.

This book was well drawn, well written and a great book overall! Definitely worth five stars!